Wesley was just 24 hours old in this film. Wrinkled skin, tiny newborn cry. He was born on my eldest daughter's 6th birthday.

His beautiful Mother, Karina, welcomed me into their home, as a new Mum all over again. With Wesley's big brother all the while doting and loving on him.

I've photographed many, many Births, but I had never documented moments like this. The calm after the birth. The peace and quiet. The stillness of the day after. The feel of that first day is so different to that of birth. Birth with all its high energy, anticipation and rawness. Wesley's first day of life was spent in his mum and dad's arms. It was spent in the arms of his big brother.

I managed to capture on film Wesley's first weigh and measure with Karina's midwife. The beauty and simplicity of Homebirth. A visit at home from a midwife the day after birth.

a Documentary of [the First Days of] Life