Hi, I'm Olivia.

I'm a Mother, a wife, a lover of holistic Birth, natural health and gentle mothering. We live in the South of Adelaide, by the beach. Together with our three daughters, Audrey, Harriet and Iris, lots of fruit trees, a cubby house, and plenty of fairies in the garden.

I fiercely value community, authenticity, honesty and true and beautiful friendships.

My family is my most beloved treasure and my three magical girls give me life every single day.

My two youngest daughters were born at home, and I have the most, most special photographs of their births. They tell a story that my mind wasn't able to fully remember, or understand. And, they will one day be the most beautiful gifts for my daughters. My eldest, at six, already asks where her birth photos are. I have a handful of blurry iPhone photos to show her - special in their own way, but not quite the same. I knew I wanted to give the gift of photographs and film to other mothers, and to their children.

The beautiful family films are such treasures, and I love, love, love making every single one. They are each different and unique, as are all of us. They capture the love, intimacy, connection, and beauty of life, in a way that photographs cannot. A gift for yourself, and something very special for your children to have one day.

My favourite thing in the world is to curl up with a good book and cup of peppermint tea, walks on the most beautiful beach in the world, with the most beautiful of friends, and craft projects in the evenings.

You can mostly always find me pottering in the garden with my husband, Will, while our girls are busy playing in the mud kitchen.

Olivia xo

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***Photo Credits: Georgy Keen Photography



“Olivia, so quietly and graciously, entered our home and instantly put our whole family at ease. She captured our morning, our perfectly imperfect family breakfast. All the messy, normal, every day things that are often overlooked, she has captured it all. The chunky 1 year old hands, the bed hair and the squished blueberries and egg shells in the pancakes. A beautifully unique story. Our story. A film we will treasure for a lifetime”