I arrived at Candice & Jim's home on a sunny autumn morning. They had moved in just two weeks before. They did this with their tiny four week old daughter, Gwen, and two year old son, Harry.

Their new (old) home, was filled with sunshine and art. Colour and life. It was filled with piles of bricks and suitcases lining the hallway. Harry proudly showed me his latest paintings. He built towers with his dad. And Candice sat breastfeeding and cuddling Gwen with autumn sun warming her back.

Our morning was spent laughing and chatting and listening to Harry's stories. Their home, though partly a building site, was such a love and light filled space. I could see all of Candice and Jim's ideas for their new house playing out in my mind.

They told me all about the beautiful garden they had left behind and all the plans they had for their new garden, lots of natives and fruit trees. Harry delighted in cuddling and loving his baby sister, and it was just so lovely to witness.

It was truly a lovely morning, and I'm so grateful to be invited into homes and make beautiful films like this one.

a Documentary of Life