Camille contacted me to ask if I could document her family on their farm before the sale of the property finalised. They had sold their beloved farm and I knew from experience how bittersweet that can be. Of course I wanted to capture their last days together at their home.

I arrived at their property and what I saw was autumn leaves falling, a bubbling creek flowing, rolling hills, soaring pines. I saw love. And sadness too. It felt so real and raw and I really, really felt it deeply. Camille and Tom talked of the many days they'd walked along the pine lined fence. The blackberries eaten straight from the bush. Their dog, Peppa, chasing kangaroos and swimming in the dam. Their daughter, Goldie, who had spent her whole life there. The sadness of leaving a home, built by love. Goldie, at two, so full of life and laughter and words thrown together.

Our morning together was spent strolling through the paddocks, playing with their dog, 123's, climbing farm gates, looking for strawberries. And then the reality of a house with no furniture. No beds, no pictures in frames. An empty home. I watched as their two year old set out a tea party and poured her mum and dad a cup of tea. And I saw so much love, devotion, and adoration. But I could see the sadness too. I could feel the heaviness of leaving.

Their life on the farm served them for as long as it could, but now it's time for a new chapter. A new beginning. A new home to make new memories.

a Documentary of [your Beautiful] Life