Kim has spent the past two years renovating her home among the gumtrees. She has done it all, and spared no detail. The huge, crystal clear pool, the view of the ocean and city from her backyard. Kim wanted to celebrate their achievements and all of their hard work. She wanted to make a film to document this season of her life with her two beautiful children. So full of life and energy. And what I got to witness most of all, was Love. I could feel their love, the whole afternoon.

The way this family of three loved, supported and uplifted one another was a joy to see. It truly was.

We spent the afternoon together, jumping on the trampoline, doing cartwheels, so many cuddles and kisses, dancing to Snoop Dogg in the lounge room, climbing trees, jumping in the pool fully clothed, and sipping a celebratory champagne.

Then we watched the sun set into the ocean. It was so much fun. And I'm so grateful to have been able to capture these memories for them.

a Documentary of [your Beautiful] Life