I first met Pip and her two daughters last April at the most magical playgroup. That's what we call it - 'our Magical Playgroup'. And it truly is. Magic stories, fire fairies, freshly baked bread with lots of delicious butter, glorious songs, dolls, capes, crowns, flowers, camomile tea and all the wholesomeness you can imagine. And that's where we met one Thursday morning. You know when you meet someone and you just instantly 'know' you'll be truly great friends. That's what happened with Pip and I. And to make it even better, our three year old daughters felt the same about each other.

Fast forward a year, and I've watched her tiny 5 week old daughter grow into a sweet little one-year old. I've witnessed the loveliest conversations and play between our now four year old girls. Pip is the most wonderfully nurturing and loving Mother, the most generous friend, and the most beautiful woman. And she is funny! We have shared many, many jokes and laughs. We've also shared a mutual passion for our daughters, for art, for life, for creating and for our families.

I wanted to make this film for her and her family. For her, especially. A film to remember, to cherish and to always be able to see how truly loved and loving she is.

I spent a morning with her family, while they made pancakes (most probably filled with egg shells), laughed about baby goats, played, cuddled and kissed on the couch, and then finished the morning off with a little scooter ride down the street.

It was the loveliest morning. And it was such a pleasure sharing it with them.

a Documentary of [your Beautiful] Life

Kind Words

"Olivia, so quietly and graciously, entered our home and instantly put our whole family at ease. She captured our morning, our perfectly imperfect family breakfast. All the messy, normal, every day things that are often overlooked, she has captured it all. The chunky 1 year old hands, the bed hair and the squished blueberries and egg shells in the pancakes. A beautifully unique story. Our story. A film we will treasure for a lifetime." - Pip